Meyer Farms


Gardening Plus Cooking Class Schedule

Week 1

The parts of the plant and what they need in order to grow.
Simple yet fun recipes using fresh herbs.

Activity: Tour of the Farm and planting vegetable seeds.

Handout: Learning parts of a plan

Recipe: Herbed Omletes (Cooking with Herbed Butter / Cream Cheese)

Week 2

What makes healthy soul? Learn how worms help soil.

Activity: Checking out the garden, plus digging for earthworms.

Handout: Earthworms

Recipe: Earthworms Spaghetti with Pesto

Week 3

Composting: How does our garbage turn into plant food?

Activity: Make a compost bin. Checking the garden

Handout: Composting Basics

Recipe: "Garbage" Salad, and learning to make Herb Vinaigrette Dressing

Week 4

Wild Edible Weeds. What's growing in and around the garden?

Activity: Wild Week Walk & Scavenger Hunt for Wild Edibles

Handout: Making a plant identification photo guide

Recipe:Cooking Stir Fry using wild edible greens

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