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We know it's been awhile since you've heard from us, but we wanted to make sure we knew what was happening before we put anything into writing...

Sad News From The Farm

We know it's been awhile since you've heard from us, but we wanted to make sure we knew what was happening before we put anything into writing. As you will hear below from Vern Meyer, our owner, we will not be operating our farmstand this year. It makes us sad to make this announcement, as the last few years has been a labor of love for us, bringing our community fresh, local, organic produce and goodies.

Many of you know that our primary business has always been growing fresh culinary herbs on a commercial basis, and we will still be doing that. In addition, we will continue to grow some greens such as kale, chard, spring mix and lettuce, and selling those commercially as well. You may find our Meyer Farms products in your local grocery stores such as Sunset Foods and Whole Foods, and others as well.

We are thankful for each and every one of you, for your support over these past few years. We couldn't have done it without you.

A Personal Note From Vern Meyer, Owner of Meyer Farms

Dear friends of Meyer Farms: Life is a journey, not a destination. It is with a sad heart that I need to inform you that we will not be operating the farm stand this year. It has been a work in progress for the last 4 years and we felt great about where we have brought the experience too. Farming is a 24/7 business. We just cannot find the workers that are willing to put the effort in to meet our expectations of what a local organic experience should be all about. It has not been for a lack of trying, take my word for it. We have been looking for qualified help for years, even people that would be willing to make the commitment for a training program. In the end they say the work is just too hard or my summers are too important and so on.

We are not disappearing however. We will continue our wholesale business for now with support from companies like Sunset Foods, Whole Foods, Goodness Greenness, Local Foods, and many others. So please look for our products at these fine stores and at restaurants served by these distributors.

We might surprise you with some email blasts where we may offer some sweet corn and some other of our products on selective weekend dates for those of you who want to say hey and see how we are doing.

So there you have it short and sweet. I have a lot of thoughts spinning in my head and I will end with farming - it is a hard occupation, we have done our best and worked tirelessly. Thank you for your support.

On a Brighter Note - We Introduce Elly's Farm Stand

We're pleased to inform you that we have leased our farmstand location and starting May 1st, you'll be able to shop at Elly's Farm Stand. One of Elly's owners is a face you may recognize - our former farmer, Scott Comstock. If you ever had a conversation of any length with Scott, you know he has had a passion to bring grass-fed beef and other meats to this area, and with Elly's, that's what you'll find, in addition to produce and other edibles.

You may also be able to find some of our yummy, organic Meyer Farms greens at Elly's in addition to their other good stuff. Check out Elly's Farm Stand on their Facebook page:

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